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How to Guides on Various Issues you might encounter.


1) For one its The Older Version of Hi Look NVR with the newer B121 IP Camera, 

Password must be Mixed case, but we normally used Admin1234, 

Go to Menu > Cameras > One touch add >  Then click on the green Icon 

(This is if the camera is from incative state)


How to update Batch time in IVMS 4200 For Access Control and Intercom Devices


How to take away the beeping when no HDD is in the Hilook DVR/NVR

How to set up Wireless UBNT Nano Stations

How to setup a Free no-ip dyn dns account:



This Video is for The Hi Look Recorders This Video is the Property of Hikvision / Hilook Only:

How to Enable Enhanced IP Mode and Add IP Camera on DVR

Right-click, then click Menu – Configuration – General – More Settings

Check Enhanced IP Mode, click Apply and read the Attention information, click Yes to restart device

After the device is restarted, click Back

Click Camera – Camera – IP Camera

If the IP camera’s password is same with the DVR, click the Add button or One-touch Adding to add the camera

Click Custom Adding and enter the camera’s information to add camera is also OK


How to do a password reset on Hilook Products