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CO-975 Manual - All actions are activated by right clicking, except opening of the main menu,

and there after rifgt click cancels an action or goes back to the previous menu(Please note support for this DVR has stopped in 2018!!

When you boot the DVR up you will see this screen - 


That is the screen, no cameras connected

Right click a Menu will apprear:


As soon as you click on one of the options it will request username and password:

options are split screen, to have the desired layout, 1, 4, 6 , 8 or 9 view.


When you click on system setup it will propmpt username and password:



Then the system setup screen will appear


You will see general setuo, not much settings there, Auto logout, that logs you out after 5 mins and you have to log back in, 

Key buzzer, is making a noise when something is wrong with the unit,

Langauage is to set the language to your desire, (Limited Options)

Your Signal preverance, PAL or NTSC

Keypad type and remote id is not of Importance at this stage


Boot wizard is only to show you how to set the dvr up everytime you reboot, untick if you do not want this feature, 

the other two options is to show cloud id and position, and the time is to show the time of the unit

 Time Setup:


There you will see time zone, (we are +2:00 in South Africa)

Date Format

Current System Date

Current system time

sync time, and Time Format, Advanced is more for it guys, will add it at a later stage.

Time format 12 or 24 Hour

and the Position of the time and date on the DVR Screen.