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Wireless GSM intelligent anti theft alarm system is an innovative wireless mobile intelligent warning system, integrating GSM digital signal 

processing techniques and imported STC Microprocessor, and a variety of technologies including digital voice anounces, English SMS,

Learning code etc.

 In Addition, this alarm system is highly automatic, giving automatic voice or SMS  alert in the event of an emergency, without intensive manual settings required.

Features of stability , reliability, safety and humanizing control enable it to be widely used for alert in shops, convenient stores, offices, villa as well as residential communities.


Use the random equipped double sided tape to stick a magnetic stripe on the door and affix the gate / door  magnetic contact on the door frame or edge of gate, 

Pay atention to put the magnetic strip close to the side with indictor lights of the main magnetic box reciever, assuring the magnet is properly aligned with the magnetic receiver box..

Smaller distance is reccomended. 

1 cm is the max that the contact will allow


 Infrared PIR Installation.

The principle of PIR detectors is to sense peoples movements through sensing infrared signals generated by human and the detection range is usually 5 - 12 meters. infrared sensorsshould be installed at 2.2m Height, and aimed at the detection area / ranges.more iover the PIR detector can only be installed indoor without facing the direct sunlight, 

windows and other places where temperature change easily, as this might influence the detection range, accuracy and operation of the PIR.

PIRRANGE diagram